About Osama Sam Elfeky

Osama Elfeky, better known as Sam Elfeky, is a successful, self-made businessman with a passion for travel and investing. He has quickly established himself as one of the most respected brands in the contracting and real estate industries, continuously prioritizing his clients' requirements while producing substantial profits.

Traveling has provided him with a great deal of knowledge over the years. He spent a large amount of time traveling across the world with his parents from a young age. His father was an Egyptian ambassador stationed in China when he was born. Growing up, Sam Elfeky spent a lot of time in China, where he was exposed to a variety of cultures. He continues to make business decisions based on the unique experiences he had as a child.


Despite having spent much of his childhood in China and Egypt, he now spends the majority of his time traveling between the United States and Europe. He has made a name for himself as one of the most successful worldwide businesspeople in contracting and real estate, based on a combination of his educational background and prior experiences.

He graduated from La Rose High School with a GCE. He went on to get his Bachelor's degree in International Economy, where he learned about some of the most essential new business themes. He applied his new talents to his previous experiences and went on to build successful businesses in a variety of industries. For example, he started Star Light in 2001 and now serves as its president. This has grown to be one of the most well-known brands in the industry.

Creating Multiple Companies

Sam Elfeky has started a number of other enterprises since then. His interest for real estate is channeled into real estate investing, where he manages apartment rentals in Marbella, Spain. As the population of this portion of Spain grows, so does the need for housing. This provided an appealing financial opportunity for people like Osama Elfeky, who could buy real land, construct magnificent apartment buildings, and offer accommodation to those who needed it while still making a profit. Sam Elfeky did a thorough research of the market, forecasted where it was headed, and used that information to strategically position his apartment buildings for the future.

In addition, as tourism and business in Marbella, Spain grew, Osama Elfeky recognized a chance to build a lucrative rental car business. He did just that, establishing a new division of Star Light dedicated to providing rental automobiles to those in need. This has grown to be one of Star Light's most successful branches, and it is still going strong today.

Despite the fact that these are two of his most successful businesses, Osama Elfeky is on a lifelong learning path. He's always keeping an eye on the market, seeking for fresh business chances. His ambition is to help as many people as he can while also learning about a variety of sectors. In this way, he is able to repay people who have helped him throughout the years.

Donations to Charities

When it comes to giving back, Osama Elfeky is a big supporter of charity. He has been a prominent collaborator of UNICEF for more than 20 years, donating financially to the organization. He recognizes that he has worked hard to reach to this place, but he also recognizes that he owes it to others to give back. He exhibits a dedication to making the world a better place by cooperating with UNICEF to aid people who are less fortunate. As his company grew, so did his charitable contributions, allowing him to have a greater impact on the globe.

Supporting a large number of employees

Sam Elfeky now owns and operates a number of businesses around the world, employing over 100 people. One of the most rewarding aspects of his career has been the opportunity to create something from the ground up. He established his business from the ground up and has since extended it into many divisions. She has also generated job opportunities for others, allowing them to support their families. He also enjoys mentoring his staff, many of whom aspire to run their own businesses in the future. Osama Elfeky has developed a successful company by prioritizing the requirements of his staff, customers, and clients.

Perspectives on the Future

Sam Elfeky hasn't forgotten where he came from, despite the fact that operating so many successful enterprises takes up the majority of his time. Getting to travel was one of his favorite aspects of his youth. He can be found touring the world when he isn't busy running his businesses. He enjoys conversing with others, learning about different cultures, and spotting possibilities to not only assist others but also to create new businesses. He considers travel to be one of the best instructors, and he plans to continue doing so for as long as he can. It will be fascinating to watch what new venture he embarks on in the future.